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What are Advantages of Laser Dentistry?

Did you know that dental lasers can treat your smile? We use a Waterlase dental laser in her Tampa, FL, dental office to provide treatment for patients with gum disease, remove old crowns and veneers, and more. The Waterlase dental laser uses a stream of water and a beam of laser energy to treat the teeth and gums.

Waterlase dental lasers can also provide more comfortable and precise treatment than traditional treatment methods. Learn more about the benefits of lasers like Waterlase and how they can improve your dental care in our office.

Laser Dentistry in Tampa, Florida

Benefits of Dental Lasers in Tampa, FL

There are many benefits to treatment with modern dental lasers:

Painless and Relaxing Care

Unlike other surgical options, dental lasers do not require dental sedation because they are much less painful. Additionally, lasers do not create vibrations that can exacerbate patients’ pain and discomfort, unlike dental drills. In most cases, patients will only need a local anesthetic for laser treatment.

Patients with dental anxiety often benefit from laser dentistry because it is much quieter and less invasive. With dental lasers, we can provide treatments for patients that may have been intimidating before.

Precise Treatment

The Waterlase dental laser is handheld with a small tip that can target precise areas of the smile. Lasers also work at 100 pulses per second to remove gum tissue, decay, and bone. Unlike dental drills, dental lasers cause less damage to the surrounding bone and gum tissue. With a laser, we can provide more efficient care that only affects the parts of the smile that we need to treat.

Quick Healing Times

Dental lasers offer minimal swelling, bruising, and bleeding. Because of this, treatment with dental lasers can have much faster healing times. Using a dental laser can cut healing times and ensure that patients feel much more comfortable during the healing process. Laser dentistry itself is minimally invasive, which affects patients’ recovery. 

Do you have gum problems? Are you interested in dental crown treatment but want more comfortable preparation? Call 813-733-6981 to learn more about your treatment options with dental lasers. You can also request a dental appointment with Dr. Benedict on our website.