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Dr. Rebecca Benedict uses the latest dental technology to diagnose and treat patients in her Tampa, FL, dental office. State-of-the-art dental technology allows Dr. Benedict and her team to fully understand patients’ oral health problems and provide the highest-quality care possible. With modern technology, Dr. Benedict can determine the right treatment for her patients. 

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We are proud to offer CEREC®, the latest in single-visit crown technology. CEREC® is a breakthrough computerized 3D technology that allows us to create custom dental crowns and veneers right in our office. By using this advanced technology, we can give you custom, perfectly matched, and perfectly fitted dental crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays — all during a single appointment!

CEREC® uses CAD-CAM technology to design and mill custom restorations (including crowns, veneers, implant abutments/crowns, and most 3-unit bridges) during one visit to the dentist. So, how does this process work?

Exam & Preparation

Before you start, your dentist will determine if CEREC® is right for you. Depending on how much healthy tooth structure you have remaining, it may be a simple filling, or you may need a crown. After reviewing your options, the dentist will begin the process by administering an anesthetic and preparing your tooth for restoration by removing decay and weakened tooth tissue.

Optical Impression

In order to make the desired restoration, a 3-dimensional image of the tooth that needs to be restored must be created from a digital camera scan of the tooth. This three-dimensional image will be used to create the restoration without the need to take a messy impression.

This means no horrible-tasting impression material for you to gag on. The computer and CEREC® 3D software then convert the digital image into a three-dimensional virtual model of the prepared tooth.

Milling Unit

This unit creates the custom restoration needed for the tooth. Based on the original color of your tooth, the dentist is able to select the correct colored ceramic block, and in a few minutes, the milling device is able to create the restoration needed.

Digital X-rays

We take multiple types of X-rays in our office to get a full picture of the smile:

  • Bitewing: This x-ray shows the upper and lower back teeth. We take this dental x-ray to see how the teeth line up and if patients have an even bite. 
  • Full Mouth: We take this 2-D x-ray to see the teeth, gums, and surrounding structures, including the jaw bone. 

With digital dental X-rays, we can find dental problems that are not visible to the naked eye. X-rays allow us to find problems like impacted teeth, cavities, malocclusion, and more.

Laser Dentistry

We use the Waterlase dental laser to treat the teeth and gums. The Waterlase laser from Biolase uses a beam of light from a laser and a stream of water to cut tissue and remove harmful bacteria. Lasers offer a more comfortable and less noisy alternative to dental drills. Patients also do not require anesthesia for many laser treatments. 

Additional benefits of dental lasers include:

  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Quicker healing times
  • Minimal post-surgical bleeding
  • Precise, target treatment

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