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Custom Mouthguard Tampa, FL

Mouthguards protect teeth against injuries to the jaws and teeth while reveling in physical activities such as sports. Sports mouthguards reduce the impact of dental trauma. They also protect the oral cavity from soft tissue lacerations and tooth fractures.

People suffering from “bruxism” (clenching and grinding) or temporomandibular disorders (TMD) wear occlusal guards or nightguards. These mouthguards prevent damage to the teeth and existing restorations and reduce inflammation in the temporomandibular joint.

In the case of a blow to the mouth, mouthguards provide a cushioning impact. It shields the soft tissues against lacerations. Mouthguards reduce the impact of dental trauma and protect the oral cavity from gashes, cracks, and fractures. If the chin gets a hit, it protects the jaws and teeth from unexpected seismic contact.

Mouthguards are worn by people suffering from bruxism to prevent the teeth from cracking and breaking due to involuntary teeth clenching and grinding. Mouthguards are one of the general dentistry services we provide to the public. 

Nightguards for TMJ in Tampa, Florida

Why Choose Custom Mouthguards in Tampa?

Custom mouthguards are crafted for an individual using the impressions of his mouth for a perfect fit. There are many problems patients can face if they do not have a custom-designed mouthguard.

Regular mouthguards are too bulky and uncomfortable. They are unable to protect the impact zones in your mouth. These mouthguards often have too much material in the free-flow space of the mouth.

This area encompasses the roof of your mouth and the area behind the second molars, which block speech and reduces comfort. The material in these areas is unnecessary and causes difficulty breathing and speaking, affecting your performance.

Regular mouthguards are also ill-fitting. An ill-fitting mouthguard floats in the mouth and causes extreme discomfort. Mouthguards need to fit the specific structure of your mouth to provide proper protection and comfort.

These are the reasons why one should get a custom-made mouthguard from a dentist for a perfect fit. If your mouthguard becomes loose, your dentist will make the required adjustments by trimming it to ensure that it fits smoothly and securely in your mouth. Custom-made mouthguards are more effective, last longer, and actually stay in the mouth. 

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