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Periodontal Disease Treatment Tampa, FL

Gum disease is a highly common but damaging dental problem that affects not only the gums but the health of the teeth. Harmful bacteria that build up between teeth and on the gum tissue irritate and inflame the gums. This bacteria builds up to form plaque, a bacterial film covering teeth and gums. Over time, plaque hardens to form calculus.

Gum disease can lead to gum recession and even loose teeth. Dr. Rebecca Benedict can restore patients’ oral health with gum disease treatment. We also provide additional restorative dental care treatments for new and existing patients.

Gum Disease in Tampa, Florida

Signs of Gum Disease

Common symptoms of gum disease include: 

  • Bleeding gums
  • Red and purple gums
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Swollen gum tissue
  • Pus between the teeth and gums

Please contact our office for treatment if you have noticed any of these symptoms. Gum disease can begin with bleeding gums and quickly turn into gum recession if you do not floss or brush enough. Diabetes, smoking, and using tobacco products can also increase your risk of developing gum disease. 

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Tampa, FL

A prophylaxis cleaning removes plaque and calculus from the teeth and gums with stainless steel dental tools. We offer this cleaning at routine appointments to help prevent gum disease. Scaling removes plaque and calculus above and below the gum line. Patients with moderate to severe gum inflammation benefit from scaling treatment.

Scaling and root planing treatment removes plaque and calculus from the crown and root. This treatment benefits patients with periodontal disease and is therapeutic, not prophylactic (preventative), in nature. We also offer Oraqix, a needle-free anesthetic for SRP treatment, so patients will not feel any pain.

We can also treat infected gum tissue with a dental laser. The Waterlase laser offers a comfortable alternative to traditional surgical tools. With this dental laser, we can clean the gum pockets and debride soft and hard tissue, removing hard calculus from the smile.

Address Your Gum Health

Are you noticing signs of gingivitis or periodontitis? Schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Benedict online. You can also call Dr. Benedict for care today at 813-733-6981. Let us know if you have any current concerns about your gum health or questions about gum disease treatment. We’re here to help you.