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Cosmetic Dental FAQs

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dental care that improves the aesthetics of the smile. With cosmetic dental care, our team helps patients with healthy teeth and gums meet their cosmetic goals. We can brighten teeth, fix crooked teeth, and address dental injuries to help patients gain confidence in their smiles.

Our team welcomes patients to learn more about cosmetic dentistry with FAQs about care in our Tampa, FL, dental office. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tampa, Florida

FAQs: Cosmetic Dentistry in Tampa, FL

Here we will answer commonly asked questions about cosmetic dental treatments: 

How long is Invisalign treatment?

On average, Invisalign treatment can take 12 months or more. However, each patient is different and has different needs for their treatment. It can take longer or shorter depending on how patients care for their aligners and their level of malocclusion.

Are porcelain veneers better than dental bonding?

Dental veneers and dental bonding are different treatments that can treat similar dental problems. Both veneers and bonding offer benefits to patients depending on their particular needs. Veneers are permanent because we need to prepare the natural enamel for treatment.

Dental veneers also can address crooked, discolored, and damaged teeth. Dental bonding is best for smaller areas of damage or discoloration. Bonding is reversible but does not last as long as veneers.

Can you whiten dental veneers or bonded teeth?

We cannot brighten dental veneers or bonded teeth. If you have old, discolored veneers or bonded teeth, we can provide replacements for you in our office. Veneers and bonding treatment can also cover deep tooth stains that do not react to whitening treatment.

Is Invisalign right for me?

We recommend our Invisalign treatment for patients who have all of their permanent teeth. Patients with mild to moderate orthodontic problems benefit from Invisalign. We will also recommend Invisalign for patients who are in good oral health and do not have outstanding dental problems like infections or oral cancer.

Are dental bonding treatments painful?

You will feel minimal pain during bonding treatment as we do not work near the tooth’s nerve. Many patients will not even require anesthesia or pain relievers for bonding treatment because it is relatively painless.

Are you interested in cosmetic dental care? Do you have any more questions for our office? Request a dental appointment with Dr. Rebecca Benedict and Dr. Lori Ransohoff online today. You can also contact our office for cosmetic dental treatment by calling 813-733-6981