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Did you know that your oral health impacts the health of your whole body? By visiting your dentist regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene, you can lower your risk for significant health conditions. Health problems linked to dental health include diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, to name a few. Routine general dentistry services in our Tampa, FL office can also combat problems like bad breath and deep tooth stains. Our general dental treatments help patients care for their smiles and maintain good dental health. 

General Dentist in Tampa, Florida

Why is Preventative Dental Care Essential?

Our general dental services are a part of preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry includes dental treatments that maintain the health of the teeth and gums and prevent future dental issues. Regular dental care can prevent tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. These oral health problems lead to more complex issues over time. Functional and aesthetic concerns can make everyday life uncomfortable. 

Oral health and overall health are connected. Sometimes, dental problems directly impact your overall health. For example, harmful bacteria create gum inflammation. As this inflammation spreads through the bloodstream, it affects the heart. Patients who develop gum disease and already have heart problems can experience complications. 

General and preventative dentistry has many benefits for our patients. These benefits include:

  • Early detection of dental problems
  • Increased mouth function
  • Oral hygiene maintenance

Routine treatment is included in general dentistry. Regular dental visits help keep patients healthy; we also encourage patients to ask questions at these appointments. Our office can provide tips to help patients with at-home dental care.

General Dentistry Treatments in Tampa, FL

With our general dental treatments, we keep patients’ oral health in check and prevent further dental issues:

Family Dental Care

Our office provides dental care for patients of all ages. As a family-friendly dental office, we provide routine care like sealants and fluoride treatment for younger patients. We also help patients care for their smiles as they age. While most patients require the same cleanings and exams, some problems may occur over time. 

Emergency Dentistry

In the event of a dental emergency, please get in touch with our office. Common emergency treatments can include restorative and cosmetic care for damaged teeth, broken dental restorations, and lost permanent teeth. Dental emergencies are often sudden or severe dental problems that need immediate care. We can help you determine if you have a dental emergency or a later appointment for non-emergency treatment. 

Dental Lasers

We use Waterlase dental lasers to address many problems. Lasers can treat lip and tongue-tie, prepare teeth for fillings, and contour excessive gum tissue. Compared to traditional dental surgical tools, lasers are more comfortable. Laser treatments minimize bleeding, do not require sutures, and do not emit loud noise. 


Custom mouthguards, nightguards, and splints are all designed to protect the teeth from damage. Sports mouthguards protect the teeth of athletes who participate in contact sports. These mouthguards prevent tooth loss, damaged teeth, and damaged oral appliances.

Custom nightguards and splints protect the teeth of people with various dental conditions, including TMJ disorders. Nightguards cover the teeth to prevent patients from unconsciously grinding them during sleep. 

Tooth Extraction

We provide tooth extraction services for patients who need a simple or complex extraction. Simple extractions remove teeth above the gum line. Complex extractions remove teeth at or below the gum line. Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental problem we treat for new and existing patients. Patients with infected, overcrowded, or impacted teeth benefit from dental extractions.

Diagnostics and Routine Care

We can help diagnose, treat, and educate our patients at regular dental visits. Routine dental visits include:

Comprehensive Evaluations

Our comprehensive dental evaluation includes an oral cancer screening exam, radiographs, and periodontal charting to evaluate the condition of your oral health. The dentist will check each tooth during a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint potential concerns and diagnose treatment.

Dental Cleanings

The dental hygiene diagnosis from your comprehensive exam determines the type of treatment you’ll need. Dental cleanings are also called “oral prophylaxis.” During prophylaxis, plaque biofilm and calculus will be removed from above and below the gum line to help prevent periodontal disease. Dental cleanings include selective air polishing to remove surface stains and personalized home care instructions.

Oral Cancer Screening

Our dental office performs oral cancer screenings to identify unusual growths like lesions and tumors inside and outside the oral cavity. We aim to identify early signs of cancer or precancerous conditions during these screenings. That way, we can quickly treat and cure oral cancer in its earliest stages. Common oral cancer signs we look for include red and white patches in the mouth and chronic mouth sores.

Educational Services

Your dentist and hygienist will demonstrate how to brush and floss at your dental visit. They will also create an at-home plaque control plan specifically for you. This plan is designed to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria that affect your teeth and gums. Oral health education can benefit you if you have chronic gum disease. Tobacco cessation counseling is also provided to limit or eliminate the consumption of tobacco-based products.

Radiographic Examination

A radiograph examination is used to identify dental problems that we cannot easily identify during a clinical oral exam. It helps in determining the following issues:

  • Tooth decay present in between teeth
  • Bone loss
  • Infection present in the pulp
  • Malocclusion or misalignment of the bite
  • Impacted teeth
  • Evaluate the state of developing teeth
  • Tumors and abnormal growths in the mouth, neck, or head that may indicate the presence of oral cancer

While we may not take radiographs at every dental visit, we will take them often to keep track of your oral health. We often take radiographs before determining your candidacy for treatment. 

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