Inlays are alternative restorations for dental fillings. They are preferred when you have a large or deep cavity, as restoring such teeth with filling material can reduce the strength of the tooth or lead to its failure. 

Onlays, on the other hand, are ceramic restorations often referred to as half-crowns. This is because they restore only the upper half of a tooth, such as in the case of chipping or excessive wear due to grinding the teeth. Both of these restorations are available at Historic Hyde Park Dentistry.

Here are some suggestions that could help you care for these restorations to keep them in good shape:

  • Check for a Suitable Bite

Inlays and onlays are custom-fabricated according to the contour of the cavity/tooth as required. After the dentist places the restoration on the teeth and bonds them using dental adhesives, a bite test will be taken to determine if the inlay or onlay is altering your natural bite. Your feedback would be crucial during this process, as it helps us make changes to the alignment and fit of the restoration as necessary.

  • Avoid Hot, Cold, Hard, or Sticky Foods

Foods and liquids that are hot or cold can lead to increased levels of sensitivity in the teeth, especially for the first few days after getting the restoration done. Hence, it is best that you keep away from such consumables. Further, eating hard foods can cause damage to your restorations because they could splinter, wear, crack, or even break when you bite or chew on anything hard. Sticky foods, on the other hand, can leave a residue on your teeth and restorations, thereby allowing plaque to form and build up on their surfaces. It is advisable to keep away from them as well.

  • Avoid Clenching Your Jaw

Clenching your jaw and grinding the teeth could cause severe wear and damage to the restorations. Although the onlays and inlays are made from dental-grade ceramic, which offers excellent strength and durability, they could sustain damage if you persistently grind your teeth. Visit us at Historic Hyde Park Dentistry regularly for a comprehensive screening of the mouth, during which any damage to the restorations will be handled.

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