Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Did you know that your oral health impacts the health of your whole body? By visiting your dentist regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene, you can lower your risk for major health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, just to name a few.

What Preventive and Diagnostic Dentistry Treatments Are Available?

Comprehensive Evaluations

Our comprehensive dental evaluation includes an oral cancer screening exam, radiographs, and periodontal charting to evaluate the condition of your oral health. During a comprehensive evaluation, the dentist will check each individual tooth to pinpoint potential concerns and diagnose treatment.


The dental hygiene diagnosis from your comprehensive exam determines the type of treatment you’ll need. 

Dental cleanings are also called “oral prophylaxis.” During prophylaxis, plaque biofilm and calculus will be removed from above and below the gum line to help prevent periodontal disease. Dental cleanings also include selective air polishing to remove surface stains and personalized home care instructions.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is performed to identify unusual growths like lesions and tumors inside and outside the oral cavity. The goal is to identify signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in their early stages when they can be treated and cured.

Educational Services

Your dentist, along with a hygienist, will demonstrate the right way to brush and floss. They will also create an at-home plaque control plan specifically for you. Tobacco cessation counseling is also provided to limit or eliminate the consumption of tobacco-based products. 

Dental Sealants

The chewing surfaces of teeth have fissures and grooves that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. These vulnerable areas accumulate plaque and trapped food particles that can lead to tooth decay and cavities. As a preventive measure, a thin coating of a dental sealant is placed over the chewing surfaces of teeth to protect the fissures and grooves from decay.

Fluoride Treatment

Your mouth contains acid-releasing bacteria and sugars from different foods and drinks consumed. These together can contribute to the demineralization of the enamel and make it susceptible to cavities. Fluoride promotes the remineralization of the enamel and strengthens it to protect it from decay. 

Radiographic Examination

Radiograph examination is used to identify dental problems that are not easily identified during a clinical oral exam. It helps in determining the following issues:

  • Tooth decay present in between teeth
  • Bone loss
  • Infection present in the pulp
  • Malocclusion or misalignment of the bite
  • Impacted teeth
  • Evaluate the state of developing teeth
  • Tumors and abnormal growths in the mouth, neck, or head that may indicate the presence of oral cancer

Custom Mouth Guards, Night Guards, and Splints

Custom mouth guards, night guards, and splints are all designed to protect the teeth from damage. Custom mouthguards protect the teeth of athletes who participate in contact sports. Custom night guards and splints protect the teeth of people with various dental conditions, including TMJ Disorder and bruxism (clenching and grinding of the teeth). 

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