Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are restorations used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. Although metals like silver, gold, and an amalgam of different metals were the go-to materials to fill cavities a few years ago, dental practices have turned towards tooth-colored fillings in recent times. This is because of the various advantages they offer and the drawbacks of metal fillings. After having a filling done, it would take some doing for you to ensure it lasts for many years without any hassle.

Is Your Bite Correct?

Dental fillings are surface applications that are prepared and applied to the cavity. They will be shaped according to the contour of the tooth and hardened using a curing light. It is crucial you check whether or not the filling feels comfortable in your mouth and if it is altering your bite. The dentist will take a bite test and trim the filling as required to give you the most appropriate fit. But your feedback matters the most when it comes to giving you a perfect restoration. Let the dentist know if you are experiencing any pain as well.

Are You Experiencing Sensitivity?

It is common to experience elevated levels of sensitivity after getting a filling, especially to hot and cold liquids and foods. If your cavity was deep, you may experience sensitivity even while biting food. A simple way to counter this is by using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. In addition to this, you may consider avoiding hot and cold food and drinks for two to three weeks after getting the filling.

Watch Out for Hard Foods

Foods that are hard and crunchy stand a higher chance of damaging the filling. Some of the foods that you can avoid are nuts, hand candies, bony meat, and other crunchy food. It is advisable to keep away from unhealthy oral habits like tearing open plastic bags or opening bottle caps with the teeth, as they can displace or damage the filling. We would recommend limiting the consumption of colored foods, wine, beverages, and other eatables that can discolor your teeth, as they may leave a shabby effect on your smile.

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