Preventive Dentistry

Did you know that your oral health impacts the health of your whole body? By maintaining good oral hygiene, you can lower your risk for major health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, just to name a few.

Preventative and diagnostic dentistry is designed to curb oral health problems before they develop. By receiving preventative and diagnostic dental care now, before you have oral health concerns, you can avoid costly treatments and severe health complications in the future.

Adults and kids of all ages should visit their dentist’s office regularly to receive preventative and diagnostic care. For kids, it’s generally recommended to schedule an appointment with your dentist every six months. For adults, a yearly appointment with your dentist is the typical frequency. However, depending on your unique health needs, you may need to receive preventative and diagnostic dental care more frequently.
What Preventive and Diagnostic Dentistry Treatments Are Available?

Comprehensive Evaluations

Our comprehensive dental evaluation includes an oral cancer screening exam, along with radiographs for a thorough check of your oral health. During a comprehensive evaluation, a dentist will check each individual tooth to pinpoint potential concerns.


Dental cleanings are also called oral prophylaxis. During a dental cleaning, dental plaque and calculus will be removed from the teeth to avoid decay and prevent periodontal disease. Dental cleanings include air polishing and individualized home care instructions.

Custom Mouth Guards, Night Guards, and Splints

Custom mouth guards, night guards, and splints are all designed to protect the teeth from damage. Custom mouth guards protect the teeth of athletes who participate in contact sports. Custom night guards and splints protect the oral health of people with various dental conditions, including TMJ problems and bruxism (grinding of the teeth).
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