Dental Oral Examination

Dental oral examinations are an essential component of preventative dentistry. By checking up on the state of your oral health, we can pinpoint potential problems and begin prompt treatment if necessary.

The Importance of Oral Examinations

Regular oral examinations are important to maintaining good oral health. This component of preventative and diagnostic dentistry can identify oral health concerns, such as gum disease and tooth decay, so that a treatment plan can be implemented immediately. When left untreated, oral health issues can become severe and painful, sometimes with far-reaching health implications.

Oral exams can also provide helpful tips for how to best care for your teeth and gums, which helps prevent dental health concerns in the long run. Patients should schedule an oral exam approximately every six months.

What Does a Comprehensive Oral Examination Involve?

For an oral exam, we begin with an oral cancer screening. This is a visual inspection of the head, neck, and soft tissues within the mouth. Then, an oral examination is performed by your dentist, who will examine each tooth one at a time.

During an oral exam, your dentist will check your “bite.” Your bite is how your top and bottom sets of teeth fit together. If a problem with your bite is identified, your dentist may recommend that you schedule a visit to an orthodontist.

Your dentist will also check for gum disease during your oral exam. If problems relating to the gums, such as gingivitis or gum recession, are identified during the exam, you may be referred to a periodontist for further treatment.

Radiographs allow for a more thorough examination, helping the dentist detect cavities, issues with existing dental restorations, gum and bone recession, and other abnormal conditions within the mouth. As a radiograph is taken, you’ll wear a protective apron and bite down on a piece of plastic as the radiograph is taken. A type of dental radiograph called the full-mouth series is usually taken every couple of years to provide an overview of your oral health. Bitewing radiographs may be taken more frequently so that your dentist can check for tooth concerns such as cavities.

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