Advanced Restorative Dentistry With CEREC and Biolase

Advanced Restorative Dentistry With CEREC and Biolase

Posted by Dr. Ransohoff on Sep 18 2020, 01:33 AM

A beautiful smile often creates a great first impression. It is one of the first physical aspects people observe when you meet them. Not all of us could be lucky enough to have a naturally-pleasing smile due to various oral concerns such as damaged teeth, malocclusion, misshapen or missing teeth, gum diseases, etc. Cosmetic dentistry helps to eliminate such aesthetic oral concerns and gives you the perfect smile that you’ve always desired for.

What is CEREC?

Have you ever got an oral restoration, such as a crown, veneer, or a dental bridge? If yes, you would have an idea about how hectic, inconvenient, and time-consuming the conventional restorative methods would be. To save our patients from such displeasing experiences, we have adopted CEREC to fabricate dental restorations. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration using Esthetic Ceramic. It is a highly-advanced method backed by superior dental technology.

The dentist will scan the teeth using a hand-held scanning device, which looks quite similar to a wand. It has a camera at its tip, which captures images of the oral cavity and projects them on to a chairside computer screen. The dentist analyses these images and determines the best means to restore the teeth. The data from the scans will be used as a reference for fabricating restorations using ceramic.

How is the restoration fabricated?

Conventional methods of fabricating restorations are carried out in a dental laboratory, which usually takes a couple of weeks. But, with CEREC, the restorations are fabricated in just a few minutes. The data from the scans will be input to a CAD/CAM machine, which precisely mills out the restorations from a block of dental-grade ceramic. The dentist will retrieve the restoration, check for fit, make subtle modifications to its structure if required, and bond it to the teeth using dental adhesives.

What is Biolase?

A beautiful smile would require the teeth and gums to be in harmony. The gums are just as important as the teeth when it comes to sporting a confident smile. But, when patients develop gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, the gum tissues would decay, bleed, and be severely infected. Gum diseases are treated by removing the infected tissues with the help of surgery, which is the conventional treatment method. The advanced way to do this is by using Biolase.

Biolase uses highly advanced laser technology to remove decayed gum tissues. This method can be completed in a very short span of time, renders excellent results, significantly reduces pain and discomfort, and doesn’t require sutures to cover the wounds. Biolase, combined with CEREC, brings so much more to the table in terms of comfort, efficiency, convenience, and cutting-edge technology.

Reach out to us on-call (813) 253-3041 or by scheduling an online appointment to know more about CEREC and Biolase from our team of dental experts.

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